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What does BYOS do?BYOS cloaks assets from the rest of the world and provides secure and invisible overlay communications through decentralized networks.
Why BYOS ExistsIn this video, Matias discusses trust in a network and explains his key ideas behind Byos and why it exists today.
The Tools and Techniques Used to Discover What's On Your NetworkIn this video, Matias Katz explains the tools and techniques they use. Learn how your network gets exposed once a hacker gets access to just one device inside your perimeter.
How Does BYOS Impact Lateral Movement Within the Kill Chain?Even with EDR/XDR/SASE, once an attacker gets in, they’ll find and look to access the other devices on your network. So how do you limit the damage?
How Hacker's Motivations Have Changed Over TimeWhat are the objectives of attacks and hackers? Listen here to understand more about how they can vary and have changed over time.
A White Hat Hacker's Perspective: The Kill Chain from Start to FinishHow would a world-class hacker execute an attack on your network? In this video, Matias Katz gives a full rundown of the cyber kill chain from start to finish.
How BYOS Stops Hackers From Spreading Across Small Business NetworksA simple click from an employee where they shouldn't can easily start an attack on a small business network. Watch this to discover how you can stop the spread across the network!
The Inherent Design Flaws in Internet SecurityWhat is the ultimate security flaw in the design of the internet? Watch this to find out!
Making Ransomware & Malware Not-Worth-The-Effort for HackersWe asked Byos' CEO and founder Matias Katz, what the ROI is for an attacker, even if they were able to get through, and have "C&C" (command and control) with TLS encryption and Byos protection in place.
Byos Portable Secure GatewayThe Byos Portable Secure Gateway will protect your laptops and tablets when you connect to Public Wi-Fi networks. It fully isolates you from the rest of the network, protecting you from attackers. 
How Ransomware & Malware Spread Across a NetworkWhat is the one tactic used by all attackers to propagate a malware attack? Take a listen here as Byos CEO and Founder Matias Katz explains.
Operational Technology (OT) - Why Legacy Equipment Isn't UpdatedEvery organization faces a difficult reality: their legacy devices are using outdated and vulnerable protocols and operating systems, yet they can’t update them without breaking stuff.
Why VLANs Are Like DrywallThere’s no hardware isolation with a VLAN - you can’t trust it for isolating important information. Matias Katz, founder & CEO of Byos discusses implementing zero trust from the perspective of a renowned security researcher.